In Sri Lanka, the poorest of poor families live their whole lives in huts and shanties like those shown in the images above.

The families generally have young children and extremely low incomes from unskilled labour.  Their existing housing is usually what they have been able to construct themselves with small tree trunks, palm fronds, mud, and tin sheeting.  Dirt floors, no windows, no power or running water, open fire cooking, and open pit toilets are common.

The purpose of the Houses for the Poor Appeal is to fund the construction of real houses for impoverished families in Sri Lanka – giving them hope, and a foundation from which to build a better life for their children.

We welcome tax-deductible donations of any size.  When smaller gifts are pooled together, at current exchange and construction rates, the $7,500 (AUD) collection is enough to lift an entire impoverished family from subsistence living to windows, brick walls and concrete floors.

The most profound benefit of contributing towards the gift of a house is the transformation of an entire family from a feeling of abject hopelessness to a position of self-respect and standing in their community.