Families receiving help right now

Some examples of families currently being helped with your generosity.


Saman Kumara  & Madumada Aravindra

Saman Kumara and Madumada Aravindra are brothers who have adjoining blocks of land in the Putlam district. These two houses are sponsored by donations in memory of Mavis Brohier. The houses will be named “Mavis Sevana” and “Cecil Sevana”. Any funds leftover from the appeal to build these houses in memory of Mavis Brohier will be transferred to the Covid Care Package Appeal. Please go to our page for the Covid Care Package Appeal by clicking the button above in the drop-down menu.







Father Dilan inspecting the progress of the two houses in October 2020 prior to the second COVID lockdowns.









Construction of a new home for Selverage and his family commenced in July 2020 and is being sponsored in memory of Doris and Robert Baines.



Ravindra Kumara
















Construction of a home for Ravindra Kumara and his family commenced in July 2020 with 4 donations totalling $800.00 supplemented by $5,200 from IABT Trust Funds.