Covid Care Packages

Dear Friends,

the time has come to finalize and wind up the “Covid Care Packages Appeal”.

The ” Covid Appeal” was launched in response to a plea for help on Sunday the 5th of April 2020 from Fr Dilan. Emails were circulated by Jeremy and the donations started pouring in the following day. Thanks to the generosity of the many regular supporters of Father Dilan’s work and also the support of countless “new” donors we can proudly announce that you have together donated a total of $149,601.86. The total amount received for the “Covid Appeal” has been spent by Fr Dilan in purchasing and distributing food for the most disadvantaged in Sri Lanka. As you know, the expenditure and distribution of food has been and continues to be made on a needs basis and is strictly non-denominational.  Father has constantly documented the distribution and has accounted for the expenditure by regularly sending us the receipts for all purchases.

Thank you sincerely for your generosity towards this cause, but this ‘Appeal’ is now closed and we are unable to process future donations to the food appeal. All future donations made in support of Fr Dilan’s work will be allocated to the “Houses For The Poor Appeal”


We will leave the following posts on line as a reminder of the good work you have all contributed to.

14 NOVEMBER 2020

A sincere thank you to all those who have contributed. The following are emails received from Father Dilan updating us on what he is achieving with your donations.






NOVEMBER 2020 Update         The Second Wave.


The world has changed dramatically in 2020. As bad as everything seems at the moment, please spare a thought for those that are a lot worse off. Sri Lanka has been operating under a curfew which means that the poorest in their society who live on casual employment have no income.

If you lose your job in Australia you can survive on government welfare. If you are unable to go to work in Sri Lanka because of the curfew your children starve.

Fr Dilan is helping those in need by distributing basic food packages and asked for your help.

Please consider making a donation by going to the “Make a Donation” page or by clicking the Donate Now Buttons at the top or bottom of this page.


Father Dilan supervising the distribution of your care packages on Tuesday 7/4/20
Father Dilan supervising the distribution of care packages on Tuesday 7/4


We received Father Dilan’s email on Monday the 6th of April and immediately commenced the “Appeal”. The first installment of funds from your donations was transferred to Father Dilan on Tuesday (7/4/20) and the distribution of dry rations commenced the same day. Sixty-four families from a poor neighborhood in Colombo received their care packages and plans are in hand to distribute rations to a further 114 Families today (Wed 08/04/20)

More food has been added to the care packages as a result of your generosity and the cost of each package has been revised to $18.00.  As a result of the increased size of each package, we expect each package to last a family approx 5 to 7 days.

As expected the numbers needing help have swelled, and we are bracing for larger numbers once the word gets out.
































Thursday 9th of April and Fr Dilan Contemplates what lies ahead.

These 200 packages will be distributed today to hungry Families in his area, but what will the Easter Weekend bring?

How many more Families will turn to him for help and how will he fund the packages in the weeks ahead?

The results of your donations
Email from Fr Dilan april9


Later that day, Fr Dilan handing out the care packages with the support of the local police to navigate the Curfew restrictions.

The curfew prevents the local population from going to work and supporting their Families.

Fr Dilan Handing out care packages 9/4/20



Bags of rice being distributed with the help of Buddhist Monks  at the Maha Mahinda Dhama Dutha Society on the 19 of April 2020









29 April 2020.

We have now helped in excess of 900 Families, but whilst some curfew restrictions have eased in certain locations the need for support is constant.



The COVID Care Package Appeal will run for the duration of the Covid Pandemic and terminate when things get back to “normal” and people return to work.

100% of funds donated to this appeal will be used for the purchase of care packages.